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Memoirs of a Commando by Dominic-Skirata-X
Memoirs of a Commando
"Explomaniacs, that's what we are." - Words written on the back

An old photo of two brothers trained by different fathers. Taken using primitive device found on a planet during the Unknown Regions Campaign.

Explosive experts from Delta and Zeta Squad! Featuring the infamous Scorch, and newcomer Corik! 
CWC: Clone Medic/Sentinel by Dominic-Skirata-X
CWC: Clone Medic/Sentinel
Greetings friends! Today I bring more clone concept goodness! (Unless you aren't a fan of them? :U) But what you see before you are the Experimental Unit (EU- get it?) combat medical platoon, as I have mentioned before this unit exclusively tries out all the new toys before its mass produced, that includes tactics. That being said, rather than isolate the medic (like they did on Umbara with only one) there is a designated squad ready to run into the fray and provide life saving aid. They are equipped with backpacks storing supplies, a bacta applicator, and will of course bear a blaster rifle, as in the DC-15S.

The lad to the medic's side is an idea that I felt would offer more time for the medic to do their job- thus the sentinel is born. This class is specifically meant to safeguard the medics as they provide care to wounded, whether in the middle of a firefight or when transporting casualties. They have additional armor padding and a blast proof shield to protect from explosions, projectiles, or defoliants. Equipped with a helmet antenna, they respond to medical distresses and deploy on site. They are armed of course with magnums, and Single barrel EMP/smoke launchers to expedite egress for the medical team.

These classes of troops will greatly minimize casualties and further ensure victory in Republic battles, thus defeating the seperatist machine.
Red Vs Blue: Another Dimension by Dominic-Skirata-X
Red Vs Blue: Another Dimension
Hello to my RvB fans out there! Today I bring to you a piece inspired by my rewatching the entire series again. Both with the combination of my love for star wars, Halo and RvB I bring to you the Reds and (soon to add) Blues, lost in another dimension. You know that explosion that thrust them elsewhere? Well this is one of the alternate endings to that haha.

Shouldnt be too hard to figure out who is who in this, but if that fails, check out the tags!

Thanks for stopping by friends, see you on the bounce!
CWC: Clone Lieutenant Tusk concept by Dominic-Skirata-X
CWC: Clone Lieutenant Tusk concept
About time I brought about a finished clone character design to the table! Today I introduce you to Lieutenant Tusk. He will be among many of the officer corps characters featured in the book under direct command of our main characters. So as not to confuse, I will explain the color scheme for the experimental unit. They are not a Coruscant Guard or Senate Security red, the scanner cannot pick up the color tint well but the unit's color is more of a red-orange palette of color, so as not to compare it to Ganch, Fox or the others.

I have covered both his Phase I and II design: Half kama for right side with one thigh holding ammunition packs/equipment and the left featuring a single pistol holster. Blaster-proof pauldron, right forearm gauntlet, and macrobinoculars on the helmet. Tusk also bears a horn design on both sides of his helmet, starting from above the ears down to the jaw. This design fulfills his background in the story of having fought and defeated a rampaging Reek during the clean-up operations that took place on Geonosis after the Jedi/Senator rescue mission. Records and eyewitness accounts details the officer having jumped onto the creature's head and taking hold of its horns with a grip tight enough to sever and break said horns, using them as a weapon to silence the animal and rescue a displaced medical team. Rumors are he still keeps the horns framed in his quarters.


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The name's Rico
United States
Star Wars, Battlestar, GI Joe, Gundam, Halo, Ace Combat, Metal Gear Solid, Killzone, Resident Evil and all that other jazz. Yeah, I love what I love.


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